The weather gods are against us!

Needlepoint Now has been affected by the weather! And not in a good way. We had a wet snow storm last Wednesday that took down power and phone lines. We have our power back but our phone lines are still out as of today, Saturday. We have an AT&T hot spot that provides spotty internet access. If you have been trying unsuccessfully to reach us, we are sorry for the inconvenance but we hope the utility companies take mercy on us soon.

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March/April issue

March/April front cover

March/April back cover










The March/April issue of Needlepoint Now is at the printer. It is our best issue yet! I know. I say that about every issue. Meredith Willett’s Fleur de Lis ┬áis featured on the cover. I’ve done a little goldwork and I am looking forward to stitching this piece. Meredith’s instructions are very good. Even a beginner can master this beautiful design.

NeedleDeeva’s Easter Egg House is featured on the back cover. This is a very sweet piece that will get you in the mood for Spring and Easter. Our own Vicky De Angelis created the stitch guide and Cindy Humbard of Needlepoint Plus in Portland did the finishing.

This issue will mail out on March 8th. If you haven’t received your copy by April 8th, give us a call and we will send you a replacement copy.

On another note, I’m off to Colorado Springs for the NAN Assembly. I have enrolled in their Judges Certification and program and am very excited to get started. I am taking a goldwork class from Michele Roberts and I also have a study hall with Gail Sierna. The best part is that I will be rooming with one of my favorite travel partners Debbie Forney.

Gotta go pack.

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Our best issue yet

Kelly Clark's "Spring Crazy Quilt" is featured on the Jan/Feb cover

I just signed off on the printer’s proof of the Jan/Feb 2012 issue. I think it is our best issue yet. Of course I think we improve with each issue. That is the great thing about magazines. It’s like getting a “do over” with each issue. We just keep tweaking our layouts and content making each issue better than the last.

This issues goes into the mail on the 6th of January. It is due to arrive in your mail boxes no later than February 3rd.

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November/December issue

The November/December issue of Needlepoint Now is in the hands of the Postal Service. It was mailed on the 9th and will arrive in your mail boxes sometime before December 7th if the Postman is kind to us.

The next issue is well into the production process. We have all of the projects in and the charting and stitch guide writing is almost done. This afternoon we start on photographing the pieces. Photo shoot days are both fun and stressful. I love getting the sets just right. We recently purchased a new lighting system. The colors and details that we are now able to achieve are so much better but the time we spend futzing (very technical term) is huge.

In other news around here, we hired a graphic designer, Sherrie, who will be taking over the ad production and website. Sherrie will be able to help the advertisers get the most out of their ad space and is working on a fresh look for our website.

There is never a dull moment around the Needlepoint Now Studio.

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Sept/Oct issue went to the printer today!

September/October cover of Needlepoint Now features Sandra Gilmore's canvas "Home of the Brave" with a stitch guide by Susan Portra

This has been one of the hardest issues for me to put together. There are NINE projects in this issue. We had to increase the page count to 64 pages to accomodate them all. I sent the files to the printer this afternoon and now I am whipped! I’m going to take the night off. Tomorrow I have to put my ANG hat on and get ready to leave next week for the National Seminar in San Antonio where I will work my final seminar on the Seminar Faculty Committee. I’ve served for six years and have maxed out my term. Next year I get to go to seminar as an attendee. I’m thrilled. But before I go, I have to put together the EGA Regional Seminar Brochure. No rest for the weary!

I hope everyone enjoys the Sept/Oct issue of Needlepoint Now. We worked very hard to put it together for you and I think it is our best issue yet.


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Sorry to be gone for so long. I know this sounds lame but I lost my password to Word Press. Instead of doing layouts this morning, like I’m suppose to, I started cleaning out some of my files and I found it! This all started because I broke down and bought a new desk after putting up with a cheap desk for fifteen years that didn’t have any drawers and wobbled whenever I typed. I’m happy to report that I now have a big girl desk with file drawers and is sturdy enough that I can even put my feet up on it if I wish. I’m thrilled.

my new big girl desk

I am in the process of putting together the Sept/Oct issue of the magazine. We will have a record of nine projects and it looks like we will have to jump up to 64 pages. We’ve come a long way from the 40 page issues that I started with. I think this issue has a good variety of projects so I’m excited to get it out there to you. It will hit the mail boxes on Sept. 8th.

Guess I should get back to work…

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Sad Day

I received some sad news today. Judy Harper, a long time contributor of Needlepoint Now, passed away this afternoon. Judy had been suffering from congestive heart failure for a long time.

She was an amazing woman and I could never thank her enough for sticking with me when I bought Needlepoint Now. Her articles were an inspiration to me as well as many of you. I will miss her very much.

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I just got back from the TNNA Winter market. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful things that I saw and the support that I received on the magazine. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to tell us how much they love Needlepoint Now. I picked up lots of content for the coming issues. This next year in magazine land is going to be exciting! I look forward to sharing the wonderful things I saw. The photo is a picture of our little booth.

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January/February Issue mails this week!

The Jan/Feb issue of Needlepoint Now is at the mail house and is scheduled to mail on Thursday, January 6. We had a lot of fun with this issue. We call it the “Pink Issue”. You’ll see. I’m sorry if you don’t like pink but many of the designs lend themselves to many color choices.

Enjoy the new issue and for those going to TNNA’s Long Beach show, I’ll see you there.

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Sept/Oct issue

The Sept/Oct issue is printed and now being readied for mailing. It mails on the 8th of Sept. The Labor Day holiday is delaying the mailing by two days. There is a lot of good stuff in this issue. I struggled to pack it all into the 56 pages.

You will not want to miss Melissa Shirley’s “Ribbon Candy”. They are featured on the front cover. I really enjoy working with Melissa. She is one of those people who have a smile in their voice. I stitched one of the candies and loved it. The finishing instructions are included and you do not have to pull out the sewing machine. I don’t know about you, but me and my sewing machine do not get along very well.

Pat Mazu is back with a very cute, fun, mini stocking. It is stitched in Halloween colors but it would look good in any color combination. Stockings are one of the things that I can actually make my sewing machine do so I like to stitch them for Christmas Ornament Exchanges.

Ada of “Eye Candy” has the first in her series of trees. The “Fall Tree” is full of fun stitches using newly available threads. Ada has a great sense of color and she loves using lots of different stitches. So does Renee Frank of Pepita. Renee featured a piece called “East” a Judaic image that represents the Kotel, the most famous landmark in Israel. Between Ada and Renee, we felt like we charted enough stitches to publish our own stitch book.

Now I need to get back to the Nov/Dec issue where we will be featuring purses, elves, Christmas ornaments and more…

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