I just got back from the TNNA Winter market. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful things that I saw and the support that I received on the magazine. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth to tell us how much they love Needlepoint Now. I picked up lots of content for the coming issues. This next year in magazine land is going to be exciting! I look forward to sharing the wonderful things I saw. The photo is a picture of our little booth.

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January/February Issue mails this week!

The Jan/Feb issue of Needlepoint Now is at the mail house and is scheduled to mail on Thursday, January 6. We had a lot of fun with this issue. We call it the “Pink Issue”. You’ll see. I’m sorry if you don’t like pink but many of the designs lend themselves to many color choices.

Enjoy the new issue and for those going to TNNA’s Long Beach show, I’ll see you there.

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Sept/Oct issue

The Sept/Oct issue is printed and now being readied for mailing. It mails on the 8th of Sept. The Labor Day holiday is delaying the mailing by two days. There is a lot of good stuff in this issue. I struggled to pack it all into the 56 pages.

You will not want to miss Melissa Shirley’s “Ribbon Candy”. They are featured on the front cover. I really enjoy working with Melissa. She is one of those people who have a smile in their voice. I stitched one of the candies and loved it. The finishing instructions are included and you do not have to pull out the sewing machine. I don’t know about you, but me and my sewing machine do not get along very well.

Pat Mazu is back with a very cute, fun, mini stocking. It is stitched in Halloween colors but it would look good in any color combination. Stockings are one of the things that I can actually make my sewing machine do so I like to stitch them for Christmas Ornament Exchanges.

Ada of “Eye Candy” has the first in her series of trees. The “Fall Tree” is full of fun stitches using newly available threads. Ada has a great sense of color and she loves using lots of different stitches. So does Renee Frank of Pepita. Renee featured a piece called “East” a Judaic image that represents the Kotel, the most famous landmark in Israel. Between Ada and Renee, we felt like we charted enough stitches to publish our own stitch book.

Now I need to get back to the Nov/Dec issue where we will be featuring purses, elves, Christmas ornaments and more…

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Bad at blogging

Hi all. Sorry it has been so long for me to blog again. What can I say… I’ve been busy running the magazine. I’ll try to do better but I’m not promising anything. I’m one of those irritating people who have a broken sense of time. I start each day thinking I’m going to get a long list of tasks done, but before I know it, it’s 6 pm, and I haven’t even come close to finishing half of the items on my list. Not because I don’t work hard but because I have unrealistic expectations of what I can accomplish in a given amount of time.

We had our first drawing for the “give away” project. For the July/August issue it was TABASCO by Jude Designs. Ilene Rubin was our winner. Congratulations Ilene.

We plan on having a drawing for subscribers in each issue. I was recently questioned about this by a woman who buys her copy from her LNS. There are two reasons behind offering the contest for subscribers only. One is that we can do the drawing by the customer number which keeps it anonymous. We know many of our readers and we didn’t want to be accused of hand picking the winners. The second reason is that we want to reward our loyal subscribers. We do appreciate all of our readers but without subscribers, Needlepoint Now wouldn’t be here. Thank you for supporting us. We hope to be here for a long time supporting your needlepoint habit.

In the next issue you have Melissa Shirley’s “Ribbon Candies” to look forward to. We will be having a drawing for two of the designs. These are really fun, easy pieces to stitch and self finish. I think I may even be able to do it.

Until next time, happy stitching!


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May/June issue in the works

I’m madly finishing up the May/June issue to get it to the printer next week. It is scheduled to be mailed on May 6th.

We have a wonderful Chatelaine by Sandy Arthur on the front cover and a fun painted canvas by Eye Candy’s Ada Hayden on the back. We are also featuring two fun series, one by Marnie Ritter and the other by Laura Perin.

Currently we are getting ready to hold a Nancy Cucci class in the studio. She will be here this weekend to teach a pilot class for “Winter Crystals” that is to be taught in ANG’s Columbus 2010 Seminar. There are 22 people in the class and of course the three dogs, Madeline, Reggie and Shawnee.

We have people flying in from California and driving in from Washington State. The studio doubles as a publishing office and a classroom. Most of the classes that we hold are sponsored by my ANG chapter, Willamette ANG. I’ll try to get some pictures to post of the piece.

I’m excited for the May/June issue to hit the mail boxes. I think it is a good one.

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March/April issue is at the printer

The day I get the magazine files to the printer is always a good day. Although I no sooner finish one issue that I’m charging into the next one. I’m giving you a sneak preview of the cover. The design is by Libby Sturdy and it is an awesome piece. I’m going to have to add this one to my Libby Sturdy collection which I’m embarrassed to say consists of about six finished pieces and fifteen unfinished ones. Yep, I’m a Libby Fan.

Also, check out our back issue sale. It is posted on the home page of the website. We are selling all available back issues up to the May/June 09 issue for half price. This is a great opportunity to fill gaps in your Needlepoint Now collection.

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The past several weeks have been a bit of a challenge for me. My Father has been staying with me and we have experienced a series of “mishaps” during his visit. We now know why it isn’t recommended to clean out the fireplace with a vacuum cleaner and why you should stop at stop signs, look both ways and then proceed to merge into traffic with your daughter’s brand new car.

I now have another new car, Dad went back home to Delaware today and I am able to refocus and get a whole though processed without interruption.

The Jan/Feb issue of the magazine is hitting the mail boxes and many of you have taken the time to write expressing your thoughts. 99.9% have been positive and I thank you whole heartedly for your encouraging words.

We have had a few little mistakes pointed out on the DMC series. I didn’t realize that I was shrinking the chart for the text portion of the design. If you are stitching these pieces you will need to blow them up 112%. Sorry for that little miscommunication. The first one we published is fine it is the “Winter” and “Spring” that are the problem.

We are working on the March/April issue and it is coming together nicely. I realized that in the Jan/Feb issue I took out the box with what will be coming up in the March/April issue. Opse! We have a wonderful Tulip design from Libby Sturdy, Leigh Designs is presenting one of their designs from the “Guadalajara” series that is stitch guided by the one and only Brenda Hart. Following in our spring theme we have the first in a three part series by Keri Designs of Hawaiian flowers that uses silk ribbon to embellish the flowers. Very yummy!

We will also have the last in our DMC Seasons series “Summer” (blow the text chart up 112%), and for those who like abstract imagery we have a design called “Fierce” by Orna Willis. This one came in the day my Dad wreaked my car and yes, I was feeling “Fierce”. I may have to stitch this one up myself.

We will also have some interesting articles on a Bargello Retreat in Tuscany, a really inspiring piece on an ecclesiastical needlepoint project and much more.

I went to the TNNA market in Long Beach and I came back with many new products and designs to share with you over the next few issues.

More later and keep the thread in the needle.

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