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July/August is on the way

JA09 CoverThe July/August issue of Needlepoint Now is all printed and at the mail house. It is expected to drop into the mail on Monday, July 6th. It is mailed “periodical rate” which means that it is up to your postal carrier to decided which day he can deliver it. If you do not receive your copy by August 3rd (for domestic deliveries), please call the office and we will replace your copy.

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On my way to TNNA

I’m on my way to Columbus, OH this week for the summer TNNA show. I’m looking forward to seeing many of my subscribers and advertisers. Plus I get to take two classes. One from Beth Robertson and Suzanne Howren and one from June McKnight.

I have three goals for the show. One: Get more shops to carry the magazine. Two: Get more shops to advertise in the magazine. And three: Find content for the magazine. Piece of cake! It shouldn’t be so hard when you are at the biggest market for needlepoint in the world. My buddy Joanne Colandrea is coming to help me in the booth. She will be my official “Booth Bimbo”. She has a great smile and she knows everyone. We have a lot of fun together mostly because we give each other a lot to laugh at. Not that we are great comedians mind you. We just get really stupid when we get together and laugh at everything.

The July/August issue is almost done. I’ll put the finishing touches on it when I return to the studio on Wednesday. I’m excited about this issue because we are introducing a new layout design. It is like having an opening at an art gallery. “I hope they like me!”.

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