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The Nov/Dec issue is at the printer

I feel such relief getting the Nov/Dec issue of the magazine off to the printer. It is our biggest issue yet with a whopping 56 pages. I oversold the advertising by just a bit so I added an eight page signature to balance the editorial/advertising content. There are six projects in this issue. I feel that it is a strong issue and there should be something to appeal to everyone.

Last month we had Terry Dryden at the studio to pilot her Mediterranean Squares piece. If you haven’t seen it you need to go to her website for a look see. It is one of those pieces that you can’t put down and then when you finish it you are sad because it was so much fun to stitch. Terry will be teaching it at the ANG Seminar in Columbus, OH in 2010. I know that class is going to fill up fast so by all means do sign up during premier registration.

Terry is a real trooper when it comes to dealing with class distractions and disruptions. We had four dogs in the class. My three standard poodles and then Katrina the min pin who belongs to Laura the circulation director. Yep, we have one of the few classrooms where it isn’t unusual to hear dogs snoring while the teacher is trying to explain how to use a new thread.

I love having classes here. We usually have two or three a year. The exposure to different teacher’s stitch guides really helps me work on the presentation of the stitch guides that we publish in the magazine. Plus it’s just fun to have many of my friends over for a fun learning experience.

Now that this issue is out the door maybe I can get a little more time to stitch on my piece before I hit the heavy production time for the Jan/Feb issue.Dryden 1Dryden2Dryden3

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