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The past several weeks have been a bit of a challenge for me. My Father has been staying with me and we have experienced a series of “mishaps” during his visit. We now know why it isn’t recommended to clean out the fireplace with a vacuum cleaner and why you should stop at stop signs, look both ways and then proceed to merge into traffic with your daughter’s brand new car.

I now have another new car, Dad went back home to Delaware today and I am able to refocus and get a whole though processed without interruption.

The Jan/Feb issue of the magazine is hitting the mail boxes and many of you have taken the time to write expressing your thoughts. 99.9% have been positive and I thank you whole heartedly for your encouraging words.

We have had a few little mistakes pointed out on the DMC series. I didn’t realize that I was shrinking the chart for the text portion of the design. If you are stitching these pieces you will need to blow them up 112%. Sorry for that little miscommunication. The first one we published is fine it is the “Winter” and “Spring” that are the problem.

We are working on the March/April issue and it is coming together nicely. I realized that in the Jan/Feb issue I took out the box with what will be coming up in the March/April issue. Opse! We have a wonderful Tulip design from Libby Sturdy, Leigh Designs is presenting one of their designs from the “Guadalajara” series that is stitch guided by the one and only Brenda Hart. Following in our spring theme we have the first in a three part series by Keri Designs of Hawaiian flowers that uses silk ribbon to embellish the flowers. Very yummy!

We will also have the last in our DMC Seasons series “Summer” (blow the text chart up 112%), and for those who like abstract imagery we have a design called “Fierce” by Orna Willis. This one came in the day my Dad wreaked my car and yes, I was feeling “Fierce”. I may have to stitch this one up myself.

We will also have some interesting articles on a Bargello Retreat in Tuscany, a really inspiring piece on an ecclesiastical needlepoint project and much more.

I went to the TNNA market in Long Beach and I came back with many new products and designs to share with you over the next few issues.

More later and keep the thread in the needle.

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